Hybrid Solar System


The future of power generation in Australia lies in producing our own solar energy during the day and storing it in a battery bank to be used at night. This will eliminate the need to draw much, if any power, from the grid.

When choosing a solar power system, most households and businesses choose either a grid-connected or an off-grid system. But there is one more option, A hybrid solar system which combines the best of both worlds. Hybrid systems can provide the flexibility of being able to store the energy you generate during the day instead of feeding it back into the grid – typically at a low feed-in tariff. This energy can then be used in the evening instead of buying power back at a higher price. .

Solar Hybrid System Advantages:-

  • Allows use of solar energy during night times
  • Power available during a grid outage or blackout
  • Enables advanced energy management
  • Enables energy independence
  • Reduces power consumption from the grid