Best Solar Panels on the Market | Brisbane Solar Panels

Are you located in Australia or Queensland and in need of a solar panel? Going to shop for a solar package can be a thrilling adventure and you may end up confused because of the different kinds of solar packages available in the market.

Here are some important things you need to consider when buying a solar package:


A strong man lifting a solar panel

Since Australia is in the earth’s southern hemisphere, it would be best to position your solar panel facing the North. Bearing the information in mind, make sure you select a solar panel that you will easily place on your roof facing the North side for optimal solar power. Make sure that the measurements of the panels are the right fit for the size of your roof.


Solar panels perfectly installed on a roof

What is the solar panel’s ability to convert the energy from the sun into output energy? Solar Panels with high efficiency of 18% will charge the solar batteries at a higher rate and guarantee you more solar power, even when the sun’s energy is low: on cloudy days.


A father carrying a solar panel on his shoulders while his daughter is walking beside him

Before you purchase any panel in Australia, check its durability because strong winds often blow in Australia. A long lasting solar panel will help you save money by avoiding costs of repairs and replacements. Go for a solar panel with high snow and wind loads, as well as hail protection features.


Two handymen installing solar panels on a roof

Always go for solar panels that have longer levels of warranty. Most manufacturers offer a 10 years warranty, but there are also those that give 12 years. Check for performance warranties as well. If the solar package fails to perform above a certain level, you will get another solar panel from the manufacture.

Which are some of the best Solar Panels in Australia?


Solar Masters

Solar Masters offer the best Brisbane Solar Panels. The company offers high quality solar batteries, solar panels, and solar inverters. They offer the most affordable Brisbane Solar Panels deals because they do not charge any interest or intermediaries’ fees.

Solar Masters is unbeatable and remains on top of the Brisbane Solar Panels competition because of its QLD solar panels and the solar system 6.6kw.

Neon 2 LG panel

LG is one of the best manufacturers in the world, and offers some of the greatest solar panels in Australia. The solar panel from LG has a power rating of between 325 -380 Watts.

Its efficiency ranges from 19% to 22% that ensures that you will have more solar power even on dull days.

Maxeon Solar

This provider offers IBC cells of solar that have a high efficiency that ranges from 19% to above 21%. The power rating is between 340 Watts to 400 Watts.

Maxeon also offers a performance warranty of retained capacity of 95% after 25 years as well as a product warranty of 25 years.


The manufacturer offers affordable high quality TwinPeak panels that come with a 20-year product warranty. The panels are of high performance thanks to their 300 Watts to 380 Watts power rating. The efficiency of the panels is high at 21%.