Currently, eighty-six percent of Australia’s energy is fueled by nonrenewable energy. This comes primarily in the form of fossil fuels, such as coal, and a little of this energy is also created from natural gases. The use of coal is the cheapest option for providing energy for electricity and other forms of energy intake. Despite this, its ramifications on the environment have begun to be apparent. Due to these negative effects, scientists and activists have banded together to create alternative sources of energy. One of the more popular and advantageous natural sources of energy has been solar power. Solar panels, the means for solar power, convert the rays of the sun into energy that can replace the current forms of energy creation. Here are a few benefits of adding Brisbane Solar Panels to your home.

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Reduces greenhouse gases

One of the most devastating gases to our environment is carbon dioxide, also known as CO2. Burning fossil fuels is one of the biggest sources of this toxic gas. Too much of this gas in the atmosphere has been linked to major changes in the environment, such as dramatic weather events that have been devastating to humankind like hurricanes and tornados. Since solar power creates virtually no CO2, replacing fossil fuel burning with solar power would dramatically reduce the creation of the gas and subsequently slow the change in the climate that has created such vicious weather.

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Reduces water pollution

As humans are seventy-five percent water, we clearly cannot live without it. Not only this, but clean water is a necessity in our day-to-day lives. Traditional energy sources, such as the burning of coal, not only use massive amounts of water to produce their product but pollute it as well. As coal depletes and pollutes water resources, a finite resource, solar power uses no water to create clean energy. Replacing one with the other would allow humans, and ecosystems, more access to clean water.

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Stops the reliance on finite resources

Coal and natural gas are finite resources, meaning that humans will eventually run out of them. This will cause producers of energy using these resources to go to drastic measures to get them, which the world has already seen some of. Fracking is an example of an extreme measure in order to get natural gases from deep within the Earth, and it has been shown to have some negative effects on the environment. Chemicals have been known to escape and find itself in drinking water and soil. With alternatives like using Brisbane solar panels, the reliance on these resources dissipates. The sun is a renewable resource, it is not going anywhere. Using solar power as opposed to coal and natural gases allow for a safe way, environmentally, to get to resources and use them. For information on Brisbane Solar Panels click here.