Nowadays more and more people are becoming environmentally-conscious, and the good news is that there are plenty of options out there that can help them transform their houses into more eco-friendly homes. Not only that, but as a result of the demand in that direction, options are also more budget-friendly. Here are a few ideas from Top Value Solar, a Brisbane Solar Panel provider.
Changing the Light Bulbs

If you want to start small in turning your house green, one simple way to do that is by investing in eco-friendly lightbulbs. Compact fluorescent lamps are more energy efficient when compared to incandescent light bulbs and they also tend to last longer, which means you won’t have to replace them very often, allowing you to save some money while being green. Another alternative is to light the house with LEDs, given that they use 75% less energy and when compared to incandescent lighting, they last 25 times longer.

changing a lightbulb

Installing Brisbane Solar Panels

If you want to start with a major change, installing Brisbane Solar Panels is the way to go. For an eco-home, solar panels are essential, as they are able to offer clean electricity. Brisbane Solar Panels are a long-term investment, but you will be able to gain independence from the price of electricity, as you’re going to be “off the grid” while also environmentally-conscious.

solar panels


Another way that you can ensure you don’t waste energy and money at the same time is by investing in insulation. Insulation will help hold the heat within your home for a longer period of time, meaning that you won’t be using as much energy in order to warm up the place. Insulation can be done by double glazing windows, using area rugs, or you can take things to the next level and insulate the walls and roof of your home.

double glazed windows

Water Consumption

Becoming serious about the way you use water is also part of being environmentally-conscious, as you will need to pay attention to every aspect of being green, not just energy. There are many ways in which you can reduce your water consumptions – from fixing any leaks to turning the water off when brushing your teeth. Leaky faucets might seem inoffensive to some, but the constant dripping adds up and you will waste plenty of water every day. One major change that you can implement into your lifestyle is shorter showers. By taking quicker showers you can end up saving a lot of water. Alternatively, you can install a shower-head that is low-flow.

shower timer

Less Microwaving

Throwing a meal into the microwave is easy and fast, but it’s also not very environmentally-friendly. Microwave usage emits carbon dioxide, which means that you should try and mitigate microwave use. By relying less on the microwave for your meals will not only make you more green but you could also end up improving your diet. One thing that you can add to your kitchen which is green and also works fast is a pressure cooker. Investing in one means that you will be able to speed up the cooking process, thus using less energy when preparing your favourite meals.


Starting Your Own Compost Heap

You can extend things to your garden as well, by not letting leftovers go to waste. Regardless of your diet, chances are that every now and then you end up with more food than you know what to do with, and you end up throwing it away. The good news is, you can put leftovers to good use, by turning them into compost. Store the scraps in a bin next time, as opposed to throwing them in the trash. You can place the bin in your garden and wait for it to fill up. For more environmentally friendly tips, from Top Value Solar – Brisbane Solar Panels, follow our blog.