Installing Solar Panels in Brisbane | Brisbane Solar Panels

Renewable energy is the way of the future.  You can become self-sufficient in your energy needs with the right solar system.  Our solar panel installers Brisbane will take all the stress and worry out of designing the best solar system for your needs.  We will design a system that will provide you with maximum efficiency and performance for many years to come.  We use only high-quality solar panels and components which will stand the test of time. 

Solar energy is free from the sun.  You can choose to use the sun during the day and sell back unused energy to the grid.  Alternatively, you can become fully self-sufficient by installing a battery system.  Unused energy is stored in your battery rather than sold to the grid.  Batteries have improved dramatically in recent years making them a viable addition to your solar installation Brisbane.  

Brisbane can have extremes of weather, from searing summer temperatures and severe summer storms to cold winter days and nights.  It is important your system is designed to deal with the extremes of weather.  We are the best solar installer in Qld and will design such a system.  It is also important that your accredited solar installer has the experience and expertise to design and install your system.


A PV installer drilling through solar panels on a roof


Brisbane’s unique environmental factors


Brisbane is arguably one of the best places in Australia to go solar.  High levels of sunshine throughout the year means your rooftop solar investment pays for itself in no time.  This means you pay less on your monthly electricity bill.  Search solar installers near me and contact Top Value Solar direct to find out how much this solar company installer can save you.  Value for money is not just about the up-front costs at installation, it’s also about the lifetime cost of the system.  You need a quality system that will continue to provide you free power from the sun, for years to come.

Top Value Solar offers solar installation services and partners with companies who provide excellent quality solar panels and after-market back up.  This means you have only the best solar panels on your roof and peace of mind. If a problem does occur Top Value Solar has your back.  If you want a solar panel installer in Brisbane with a proven track record and quality back up then you can’t go past Top Value Solar.  We are committed to providing the very best service, installation and back up to customers. All this gives you peace of mind, making your switch to solar easy. Contact us today.