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In Australia, for some property owners in property owners Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane Solar Panels put up vertically are a good option. While it’s more common to see solar panels installed horizontally, in some instances installing Panels vertically can be more beneficial. However, there are pros and cons of installing vertical Solar Panels that should be considered. Here are some of them:

Using Available Unused Space

Solar panels installed on a building rooftop

It’s possible to install panels vertically on the unused space on the sides of homes and businesses. The taller the building the more vertical solar panels that can be installed and the more solar energy that can be captured to provide energy savings.

Roof Too Cluttered

Two handymen repairing a roof

If antennas and other structures make the roof too cluttered for installing horizontal rooftop solar panel arrays, installing a vertical panels are a good alternative. Innovative developers in Australia have begun using vertical panel installations on roofs too clogged for horizontal solar panel arrays.

Roof Not Strong Enough

A man checking the strenght of the roof

Many roofs aren’t constructed to be strong enough to handle the weight of solar arrays. If that’s the case, it’s possible to construct a free standing array of vertical solar panels to capture and convert the Australian sunshine into the energy you need to power your home or business.


Thick clouds over solar panels

When dust or snow accumulates on an array of horizontal panels, it impedes the energy gathering and electricity production process. Vertically installed panels are virtually self-cleaning. Rain, wind and gravity combine to help vertical panels clean themselves.

Great For Snowy Areas

Vertical solar panels on a roof

When snow falls on horizontally oriented panels, it can cover them and prevent sunshine from reaching the solar panels on sunny days during winter. When solar panels are vertically oriented, snow simply hits them and falls to the ground. That prevents the valuable solar energy from going to waste.


For property owners in parts of Australia like Brisbane panels placed vertically have some cons of which they should be aware. They include:

Few Experienced Companies

The technicians at most panel installation companies are trained to install their solar panels horizontally. That means it may be a little more challenging to find a company with the expertise and experience to install Tasmania, Sydney or Brisbane solar panels vertically.

Installation Challenges

Whether you own commercial or residential property in Canberra, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane solar panels are difficult to install vertically. It requires unique staging and mounting hardware, as well as higher safety considerations than when installing the solar panels horizontally on the roof or on the ground.

Higher Installation Costs

The installation of vertical panels is more challenging than horizontal ones. As a result, installation costs tend to be higher and increases their overall cost.

Difficult To Maintain And Repair

After installing your vertical panels, maintaining and repairing them require the building of scaffolding or dropping a technician down from the top. Both methods are difficult and risky.