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Csun Solar Panel

Presence in Australia : No

Country of Manufacture : China Malaysia

Product Warranty : 10 Years

Performance Warranty : 25 years

Temperature co-efficient (the lower the better) : -0.0041

Anti-PID as standard : No

Junction Box IP(the higher the better) : IP 65

Tier Ranking : 1

CSUN is a NASDAQ-listed leading manufacturer of solar cells and modules offering Australian retail and commercial solar businesses quality tier 1 technology – for domestic, commercial and utility scale solar projects. It is a closely affiliated with the renowned China Electric Group (CEEG) which has a long strategic partnership with the KME group and DuPont. CSUN is a Chinese Tier 1 supplier on Bloomberg BNEF Module Maker Tiering System.

Main Features

  • Higher module standards than those laid down by international certification institutes to ensure that modules can be used effectively at any location
  • Resistance to ammonia and salt spray for use e.g. in coastal and farming areas
  • Hail-tested with a diameter of 25mm and an impact speed of 23m/s

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