QCells Solar Panels and Power System in Brisbane


Presence in Australia : Yes

Country of Manufacture : Germany, Poland, China, Malaysia, South Korea

Product Warranty : 12 Years

Performance Warranty : 25 years

Temperature co-efficient (the lower the better) : -0.40

Anti-PID as standard : Yes

Junction Box IP(the higher the better) : IP 67 or 68

Tier Ranking : 1

German engineered, best-in-its-class technology, Hanwha Q CELLS offers the strongest security behind product and performance warranty among Super League in the Tier 1 PV module manufacturers. Q CELLS has supported the Australian community since 2009, longer than any other manufacturer currently on the market. With products developed specifically for Australian climates, unparalleled local support, and comprehensive testing facilities both in laboratories and in the field, we are the trusted provider for Australian consumers.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive range of highest-quality residential and larger commercial solar panels which reduce BOS (Balance of System) costs.
  • Cyclone tested by James Cook University in Queensland. Some modules are built even stronger than IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard requirements and can survive cyclones in category D wind regions in Australia.
  • Outstanding module efficiency of up to 19.9% which means that the panels on your roof collect more power per square meter and you require less roof space for installation.
  • PID (Potential Induced Degradation)-free certification as standard which means that the panel is guaranteed to withstand the effects of corrosive elements like ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulphide (HS) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) throughout its lifetime.
  • One of the best peace-of-mind warranties in the industry. Q CELLS guarantees that its solar PV panels’ output:
    – does not vary by more than 3 % from the nominal power during the first year;
    – still achieves at least 83 % of the nominal power after 25 years;
    – Decreases by no more than 0.6 % per year from the second year.
  • Low temperature coefficient (up to -0.40%) which means that Q CELLS solar panels perform very well in higher temperatures and are suitable for our hot Queensland climate.
  • Excellent performance in low light conditions as tested independently by Fraunhofer Institute and resulting in Q CELLS setting new yield standards. It means that the panels keep producing good amounts of power even on cloudy days, while they can exceed their nominal values on sunny days.
  • Anti LID (light induced degradation) Technology for enhanced system performance over the life of the solar system.
  • Industry-leading quality control as part of Q CELLS’ Triple Yield Security Seal requirements. Q CELLS solar cells and modules are tested under extreme climatic conditions twice and in some cases even three times, with the fully automated production processes ensuring that all damaged cells and modules are removed.

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