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Sungrow Solar Inverter

After 15 years of experience in the inverter market, Sungrow offers a large product range including grid-connected PV inverters, distributed power supplies and energy storage systems. In 2013, Sungrow was the second-largest PV inverter manufacturer in the world by MW shipped, with over 14 GW installed globally in a range of residential, commercial and utility-scale projects. All Sungrow products are certified to international standards with the company having won several awards, including an “A” grade rating in the prestigious Photon Lab tests.

Depending on their needs, customers can choose from a pretty solid range of solutions, including single-phase inverters such the SG3KTL-M, SG4KTL-M and SG5KTL-M; or three phase models such as the SG3KTL-EC, SG5KTL-EC and SG10KTL-EC

Sungrow offers 5 years of warranty.



Sungrow Hybrid Inverter

Sungrow Single Phase Inverter

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