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Your Brisbane solar inverter is the most important part of the solar system, hence it’s crucial to choose only the best. They come in a wide range of types, qualities, and sizes. The most widely used type of inverters are the string inverters which are usually mounted on a wall and are directly connected to the panels. The other type of inverter is known as micro inverters, they are small inverters that are fixed under each panel.

These Brisbane solar inverters manage each panel individually, which gives better results in terms of better yielding concerning shading challenges. There are different qualities of inverters which vary in warranties, reliability, functioning, and pricing. Many inverter manufacturers also offer different connectivity options like online management, external devices (like consumption monitoring) and are now starting to include battery connectivity (Hybrid inverters). Top Value Solar offers a range of inverters out of only the best in Australia, and recommends only the perfectly suited one.

Top Value Solar offers Brisbane solar inverters from only trusted brands and does not compromise when it comes to quality and safety. Most manufactures provide post-installation support and have established their presence within Australia. The brands that are offered by Top Value Solar include


Designed and manufactured in Austria, the Fronius solar inverter brand stands out through its award-winning product innovation and quality. Especially the grid-connected Fronius Galvo and the hybrid Fronius Symo solar inverters have received prizes for functionality, ecology and as ‘Best Products.

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SMA was founded in Germany in 1981 and has been developing and distributing high-quality photovoltaic (PV) inverters and innovative technology for smart energy management for over 30 years. MA designs and manufactures the bulk of its products in Germany and is represented in over 20 countries, including Australia.

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After 15 years of experience in the inverter market, Sungrow offers a large product range including grid-connected PV inverters, distributed power supplies and energy storage systems. In 2013, Sungrow was the second-largest PV inverter manufacturer in the world by MW shipped, with over 14 GW installed globally in a range of residential, commercial and utility-scale projects.

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ABB was founded in 1988 through a merger of ASEA (founded in 1883) of Sweden and Brown, Boveri & Cie (founded in 1891) of Switzerland. ABB has gathered over 40 years of experience in inverter and power converter technology and offers a vast range of well-built, efficient solar products ranging from solar inverters and wind turbine converters to solar irrigation pumps.

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Founded in 2006, SolarEdge Technologies is headquartered in Israel and has offices in ten other countries around the world including Australia. All SolarEdge central PV inverters combine all the benefits of string and micro inverters and specifically designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimisers. This allows for maximum power production due to module-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and limits the effects of module mismatch caused by shading or degradation.

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GoodWe (Jiangsu) Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd is a Chinese company founded by JXT and is supported by the Chinese Government. The company specialises in the production of string solar inverters, with a power range between 1.5kW and 36kW. As well as single-phase and three-phase inverters, the company also manufactures inverter

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SolaX Power is one of the key players in the global energy management & energy storage technologies market. The company has 16 international sales offices, including one in Australia, and ships its products to 47 countries via 200 distribution channels. SolaX solar inverters are some of the few Chinese-manufactured inverters that are of excellent build quality, offering reliability and functionality at a very competitive price.

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Zeversolar manufactures highly efficient and reliable single- and three-phase solar string inverters for residential and commercial use. With power inputs of 1 to 10 kW, their domestic product range covers all types of electricity needs. Certified and approved by the world’s most important testing organisations, Zeversolar inverters meet international norms in terms of quality and safety. Their light weight and robust IP 65 cover make them easy to lift and able to sustain the harsh Australian weather conditions

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Enphase Energy is a US-headquartered manufacturer specialising in the development of micro inverters for the solar market. The company’s seventh generation micro inverter, the Enphase IQ 7 series, is suited to residential applications and commercial systems. The IQ 7 range is around half the weight of the previous iteration and according to Enphase, produces 23% more power.

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