How to Live Self Sufficient Life | Solar Power

The ideal of self-sufficiency has an eternal appeal. Who doesn’t like the sound of living from the fruits of one’s own labour, without having to depend on anyone else? In this day and age, however, we all seem more interconnected than ever before. Getting “off the grid” and providing for yourself feels almost possible in a society so interwoven with digital and physical threads. But as much as technology and modernity can make us feel helpless and dependent, they also give us the means to provide for ourselves. From Solar Power to the ready availability of seeds, the gifts of the twenty-first century actually make it easier than ever to be self-sufficient. By employing these simple strategies, you can make yourself as independent as possible from the outside world.

Go for Solar Power

handymen installing solar panels on a roof

When you’re counting on a utility company for your electricity, you’re literally attached to the grid. You depend on others for the energy that powers everything inside your home. If they have a technical issue, you lose your power. If they raise prices, you have no choice but to pay. You can free yourself from all this nonsense with one simple investment: Solar Power.

By installing Solar Panels, you allow your home to harness the power it needs without counting on any outside entity. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be giving yourself a refreshing sense of energy independence. The electricity that keeps your house running will come directly from the sun into your home. How’s that for cutting out the middlemen?

Grow a Vegetable Garden

a man planting vegetables in his garden

Food is unquestionably a necessity, and we generally rely on others to provide it for us. We count on a complicated network of growers, buyers, distributors, and retailers to ensure we have food on our table. With just a bit of work and creativity, you can cut yourself off from this system and grow your food yourself.

From beans to squash, lettuce to zucchini, the vast majority of commonly consumed vegetables can be grown right outside your home. There’s an incredible amount of information available in books and on the internet to help you become an expert a gardener. It’ll take a bit of work, but once your garden is up and running you’ll keep yourself fed while basking in the joy of your increased self-sufficiency.

Get Some Tools (And Learn How To Use Them)

a person using a drill on wood

People tend to waste a lot of money buying things that they’re perfectly capable of making themselves. As long as you’re willing to accept a rustic look, you can build tables, chairs, bookshelves, and pretty much any other piece of furniture you need for your home. And when any of these items fall into disrepair, don’t go rushing to call in a carpenter. With patience and a positive attitude, you can learn how to fix most of these things yourself. Invest in a proper set of tools, and be prepared to put them to good use.