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There are a couple of factors that can impact the efficiency of Solar Panels in Brisbane. These factors also apply to any other part of the world. You could generate up to 15-22% more energy if you consider these:

1. Solar Inverter

Using a specific type of solar inverter can have a direct impact on the energy produced. There are the latest solar inverters that generate and convert more DC to AC. So, you can consider upgrading once a year or two years.

2. Solar Panels

There are three types of Solar Panels Brisbane – Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline and Thin Film.

A polycrystalline is the cheapest option but compromises significant efficiency. Monocrystalline is costly but offers greater efficiency. Thin films are lightweight and flexible but quite an expensive addition. Monocrystalline has the highest efficiency out of the three.

3. Dust And Other Elements

Getting the best solar supplies isn’t enough. You must ensure that the elements, like dust, won’t cover your panels. Solar panels Brisbane need regular or at least weekly cleaning. That will provide the best performance.

4. Installation Factor

The best solar power companies know that getting the most sunlight isn’t enough. Even daylight can provide enough energy. It is the angular setup (16 degrees up in the North) that gives the most efficiency.

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Do Solar Panels Add Value To Your Property?

Solar Panels in Brisbane and all over Australia have seen remarkable growth. There are a couple of schemes coming up to support the shift to natural energies. Let’s see how Solar Brisbane could help you add value to your property:

  • First, You save a lot of money on the electricity bill. Any buck you save from the electricity bill is directly the value you add. Getting solar panels in Brisbane is like getting free electricity.
  • Now, the upfront cost for Brisbane solar installation could still be high. Brisbane Solar power will take around three to five years to pay for itself. Most solar systems will come with similar warranties.
  • Even if you’re not selling your property, sun power solar panels have become a status symbol. Installing them in your house automatically enhances their value.
  • If you plan on renting your property, nobody would mind paying a little extra. After all, they will save a lot on their electricity bill.
  • You don’t have to change solar supplies too much. If you’re looking for cost-effective solar packages, the best solar power companies can help.

Can Solar Panels Still Be Effective During Cloudy And Rainy Days?

A Brisbane Solar Power system comes with a grid that stores extra electricity. Any excess energy that sun power solar panels produce can be used later. That’s how we receive the electricity supply in the evening or at night.

During rainy or cloudy days, we can still generate Brisbane solar power. The daylight affects the solar inverter and conversion more than the actual sunlight. As long as there is enough radiation for power generation, it can work. Still:

  • A cloudy day could reduce production or efficiency by anywhere between 10-30%.
  • A rainy day could also reduce the efficiency by the same, or even by 80%.
  • The worst days are when you will have 80% less efficiency. During times like these, grid or solar batteries will come into play.

Among all solar supplies, batteries are pretty costly. So, if you are committed, you could find affordable solar packages. Otherwise, a battery costs around $5,000 easily.

But, many solar Brisbane users still keep the general electricity supply intact. They use it when their solar panels Brisbane aren’t working. So, you could use the same method.

In short, the best solar power companies can supply a unit that will work on rainy or cloudy days. But, you might have to spend extra inevitably. 

How You Can Lower Your Energy Bills With Solar Panel Installation

Installing solar panels in Brisbane directly cut down the need for conventional power. Thus, you will already start saving on electricity bills. Australian electricity bills have risen by 80% over the last decade. As the climate is getting hotter, people are using more Air conditioning. You will need more power to keep yourself cool. That’s where Solar offers affordable energy.

Solar Brisbane also adds to the property value. So, if you sell or rent it, you will get a lucrative return on investment. For instance, people on rent won’t mind paying extra for solar panels Brisbane. After all, they are saving on electricity bills.

Brisbane solar installation also comes with a power grid (electric grid). It stores any extra power generated by the system. As a result, you can use Brisbane solar power at night and not rely on other sources.

Some of the best solar companies Brisbane provide guarantees of up to 25-30 years. Almost any sun power solar panels system pays for itself within 5-10 years. So, you will have a great return on investment. As Australia has a hot climate and plenty of sun, getting solar supplies is one of the best options. You don’t have to worry too much about rainy or cloudy days, either.

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Solar Panel Lifespan And Maintenance

Solar panels in Brisbane can last you anywhere between 20 to 30 years. It depends on the Solar companies Brisbane. Their warranty or guarantee schemes can tell you a lot about the longevity of solar Brisbane.

But there’s one more difference. A solar inverter is a different case from solar panels Brisbane. A solar inverter might have a warranty of 10-15 years at best. It usually requires a replacement after that. So, when considering a Brisbane solar installation, you need to read warranties.

A Brisbane Solar Power System will still pay for itself in 5 years to 10 years at best. So, you still get a return on money. But, if you want to enhance the life of Solar Brisbane, consider maintenance.

You don’t have to spend too much in that department, either. As long as you keep your solar panels clean and the inverter checked, everything will be fine. Use the ‘cool and dry place’ rule for the inverter. Make sure the panels receive regular cleaning.

Inverters might need a checkup once a year and maintenance every 3 to 5 years. You won’t need too many solar supplies in the long run if you pay attention to these rules.

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How To Prepare Your Home For A New Solar Panel System

The best part about Solar Panels in Brisbane is that you don’t need to change too much. You will only have to change the way your house receives power. There will be a grid for solar Brisbane that will store the electricity for overnight use. Essentially, you will be using the power and also saving it for later use.

That’s where a couple of these Brisbane solar power tips will come in handy:

  • Make sure that you get Brisbane solar installation that fulfils your power requirements. A 6.6 kV solar power system is common in Australian households.
  • Replace your electronics and appliances with energy-efficient options. These include using LED lights instead of conventional options. You could get power-conserving refrigeration, air conditioners, etc.
  • Get into the mindset that you have a fixed energy supply. If you use this method, you will save a lot.
  • Try to be responsible and invest in Solar Supplies that last long. Make sure that the Solar Inverter is well-maintained and efficient.
  • You could add a solar battery, which will cost extra, but you can use it in emergencies.
  • Make sure to do most of the power-extensive tasks during the daytime. It is best to do these things during peak hours to save more power for later.