With rising concern about climate change and the troubling carbon footprint, many homeowners are opting to go green. Yet, the idea of installing a solar panel is commonly a tough commitment due to the high initial investment. However, a question worth asking is, “do Brisbane solar panels increase the value of a home in case you decide to move?” Read on, to find out the answer to this question!

Enhances The Roof’s Aesthetic Touch

A short while ago, when solar panels were introduced into the market, they were bulky and unattractive to the eye when installed on a roof. However, the overall aesthetics of the solar panels have greatly evolved and improved over the years. Today solar panels are thinner, sleeker and more efficient, and in most cases, add an attractive feel to most roofing. Modern Brisbane solar panels are used as a unique method of curb appeal, which increases the chances of selling a home faster and at a better price.

beautiful solar panel roof

The Added Value of Solar Panels In The Real Estate Market

The solar panel reduces electricity costs significantly in the long-run despite its high initial investment costs. Home buyers highly consider electricity costs when purchasing a home. According to leading real estate agents, just like a renovated kitchen increases the value of a home, so do Brisbane solar panels.

appreciating home

Balanced The High Electricity Costs

Some regions will pay high electricity costs compared to others. Usually, this arises due to the different living standards of each region. Your house might be one of the neighbourhoods that pay high electricity bills and in such a case, Brisbane solar panels are a valuable addition to a home. This added advantage is highly likely to reflect on the final value of your house.

worried man high electric bill

Its Initial Investment Cost Is Factored In The Selling Price

The solar panel becomes part of your house once installed. Its high initial investment costs means it’ll boost your home’s value. With appreciating costs of the house factored in, Brisbane solar panels will additionally uplift the overall value of your house.  With personal improvements added to your house, you’ll increase your chances of selling your house at a much higher price.

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Helps Maintain The Condition of The Roof

A Brisbane solar panel is likely to preserve the integrity of a roof for prolonged periods. Its regular need for inspection means the roof’s condition will inevitably be maintained to a high standard. This means that when the time comes for you to sell your home, you will have more bargaining power in selling your house at an appreciated price!

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