Solar Panel Basics - Top Value Solar

What is a Solar Panel System ? 

Solar Panel Installation Brisbane starts with the addition of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to the roof of your home or business.  Sunlight is absorbed by the solar panels and creates a direct current (DC) electricity.  Conductive wires transfer the current to the inverter.  The inverter transforms DC power into alternating current (AC).  The AC then flows to the electric box, which then distributes the electricity inside the building.  Electricity from the solar panel system that is not needed is then transferred to the grid.  You get paid for any electricity sold back to the grid.   This means a solar panel system reduces your energy costs in two ways.  Firstly, by using your own electricity from the sun. Secondly your energy costs are reduced by the money you get from selling unused electricity back to the grid.  You win twice.   You can contact Solar Installers Near Me to enjoy the benefits of your own solar panel system.  Solar panel contractors will install your solar system.  It is important to get accredited solar installers qld to install your system


Benefits of solar panels in Brisbane  

Solar Panel Installation Brisbane makes sense.  Solar panel benefits are huge: Your energy costs are reduced.  You get free energy from the sun.  The solar panels takes in the sunlight and turns it into electricity you can use.  With Brisbane averaging 283 days of sunlight per year, that’s a lot of sunlight.  You get cash from your solar system too.  You can get money back from your electricity supplier for all the electricity you sell back to the grid.  The money paid is the feed-in-tariff (FIT).

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source.  It is sustainable and eco-friendly.  It reduces the amount of CO2 in the environment as the electricity generators don’t need to burn as much fossil fuels to produce electricity.  The electricity you sell back to the grid further reduces CO2.

Solar panel installation services will add value to your home.  A solar system is an asset and people know the value of solar panels.  Buyers today expect to see solar panels on the roof of a house.  You can join in the benefits of solar power by contacting Solar Panel Installation Brisbane.  They can help you to get a solar power system on your home using the Queensland Government Solar Scheme.


Why Should You Switch to Solar Power in Brisbane? 

It is a simple decision to switch to solar and there are multiple benefits.  Solar Panel Installation Brisbane will install a solar system suitable for your needs.  You can get a solar rebate from the Queensland Government to help cover the cost of solar installation services.  For many the biggest advantage is the cost savings for your energy.  Not only do you get free power from the sun, you also get money for the extra solar power your system produces.  Another reason to switch to solar is the environmental benefits.  Solar is a renewable power source.  Every bit of power you produce from your solar system reduces harmful CO2 going into the atmosphere.  That’s good for the environment and good for you.  A benefit of switching to solar that many do not think about is that it adds value to your home.  A solar system from the best solar installers qld is an asset to your home.