After you invest in a domestic solar package system, your wallet is probably hurting a little bit. The upfront investment is pretty steep but well worth the cost as it can really save you money on water and energy as time goes on. However, with that being said you want to protect that investment and make sure that it is working as hard as it can for you and for as long as it possibly can. Below are a few different things that you can do to make sure that you protect your solar package and make sure that it lasts for as long as possible.

Use as Much Energy During Daytime Hours as you Can

a person turning on a switch in the socket

Solar panels turn sunlight into energy which means that they are only collectively gathering energy and producing electricity during daylight hours. It makes sense to use as much of this power during the day as you can as to gather as much of this free energy as possible. Do things like charging your phone and laptop, wash and dry clothes, adjust heater and air conditioners to go to the desired temperature during the afternoon so it does not have to work as hard at night. Doing these small steps will allow your solar package to do all of the work when the sun is already out instead of having to work harder and use up stored energy ensuring that they last longer.

Use One Thing at a Time

a person switching the tv on using a remote control

Using one appliance at a time will ensure that using less energy and therefore not causing your solar panels to not have to work as hard.

Do Energy Audits From Time to Time

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Some of your larger appliances are going to use up more energy than others will. Do an audit on how you are using your energy so you can identify different hotspots and make adjustments to export more power back to the grid and those adjustments will also make a big dent on your electric bill every month!

Put in a Back-up Battery

a standing backup battery

There are not a lot of solar battery systems that you can get which cuts down on the need for you to have to use up your electricity during the day. Using one of these systems allows you to store up energy in the back-up batteries to use during the evenings and this also gives you the upper hand so you will have energy during a blackout!

Heat Pumps are a Necessity

a heat pump placed outside of the house

One of the most commonly used appliances in the entire home is the hot water heater- everyone living under the roof is going to use several gallons of hot water every single day which can put a lot of strain on your solar panels. Installing a heat pump is a more efficient way to heat up your water and saves your solar panels from having to put in a lot of work.

Put in the Proper Maintenance

a handyman installing solar panels on the roof of a house

Of course, the best way to make sure that your solar panels last for a long time is to do the proper maintenance on it. This will make sure that the panels are always in good working order and will help you protect that big investment.

Do Not Use as Much Electricity

a woman switching the lights off

The most obvious way of reducing your energy bill and reducing how much strain you put on your panels is to not use as much energy. Find a few ways to cut corners and you will see your panels have a much longer life.